We partner with Oriflame India as a Digital Solution Providing Agency for the consultants/direct sales team where we designed customized packages for enabling them to start doing business digitally. Every single consultant has a different business model and an individual personality as well which forced us to come up with a plan which not only meets the requirements but also acts a budget friendly proposition.

These digital packages allow the consultants of Oriflame India to have a parallel business vertical where they can now aim and witness multifold growth with the help of Digitalisation. Following are some of the digital tools which makes these digital packages much sought after.




Social Media

Online Ads



Dedicated Support

Step 1


For someone who is doing the business for over decades or started lately, it becomes imperative to start focusing on personal branding as well. The thought of “People buy people, not products or services” has been proven time and again, and today every single professional is leaving no stone unturned in putting the best foot forward.

One of the primary agendas in digital solutions is to strengthen the personal branding and create a great recall value. Once people start trusting in you and your services, it no more remains a business transaction.

We engage in various activities where your personal branding becomes the face of the project and people start registering your brand in their minds.

Step 2


Whether it’s getting in touch with people whom you have not spoken to in past few months or conducting meetings with new ones, online platform provides a great tool which makes the job easy by introducing streamlined processes in daily business life. You would be able to do back-to-back meetings sitting at your home or office where your audience will join you from all parts of the world.

We offer dynamic services to everyone who has a great need to increase their activation levels, reach out to the lost ones, and eventually create a system which allows you to stay organized and keep raising the bar when it comes connecting with people.

At the end of the day, you will be able to increase your personal connect levels with your people by 1000%.

Step 3


Taking your brand to a wider audience and showing them the potential that it carries. Utilize various digital tools to promote it and start creating a sense curiosity amongst your target audience for generating much-needed inquiries. There is a great possibility that your target customer is just waiting to be contacted and digital tools will certainly bridge this gap.

We often come across a situation where we ourselves do not really understand the power of our brand unless it’s tested and digital tools that we use for promoting your branding breaks various long-standing myths.

You will not be able to receive new inquiries through various digital campaigns but also create a new business model where your inquiries will be transformed into conversions much easily only because of your sheer brand dominance.


Here is the project brochure exclusively designed for champions like you. Know the service offerings in detail and also get a clear understanding of various packages that you can choose from.